The Healing Heart Counseling Unit is a non-profit organization that donates profits to the mission of the Carlotta Centre and mental health awareness in the community.

Education through Carlotta Centre

The Mission of the Carlotta Centre is to provide academic education and skill development to the poor, socially and economically vulnerable children and adult coming from underprivileged condition so that they may live with dignity in the society.

Carlotta Centre provides education through—Carlotta school program, Day care & School for underprivileged families.

At present three-Day Care and Schools are run by the Centre for underprivileged and lower middle-class families. The parents of these children feel safe in their work entrusting their children in a safe place.

Mental Health Awareness Program

The Healing Heart Counseling Unit of Carlotta Centre provide free mental health awareness program in different underprivileged school settings.

Volunteer opportunity

The Carlotta Centre accepts any sort of volunteer service: monetary and non monetary. People come to assist in English conversation session, play with children, donate used and new materials for schools, kitchen, clothes, sweaters to send to outreach program. There can be one-time volunteer service or continued service according to the availability.

Any experienced psychology graduate from Dhaka University is welcomed to collaborate as volunteer.